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Telehealth Medicare Services

Now people in the country can access Medicare Psychologist services under Medicare for Internet based services.

Due to recent changes to Medicare, I will be offering those living outside the metropolitan area Medicare Psychologist services via the internet, for those people with a referral from their GP.

Medicare says you must be in Monash Modified Model (MMM) areas 4-7.

See this link to confirm you are eligible. 

(Broadly speaking this is people outside metropolitan areas.)

The plan is to do an initial "Intake" interview (as required by Medicare) in person in Northam, then later appointments would be over the internet.

An information sheet can be found via the button below.

Contact my booking service on 1300 50 67 68 or email me at to make a booking. 

Further information can also be found via the link below.

These (intake) interviews would usually be held every two months, with the  (internet) consultations held at usual times, using  a normal in-person appointment time (and paying a normal relevant session fee). 

Future dates for initial intake interviews would (normally) be the 3rd Friday every two months;

  • Friday 19th January 2018          (First appointment start 9.30am - last start 4pm);
  • Friday 6th April 2018                 (First appointment start 9.30am - last start 4pm) Needed to be changed due to Easter & other commitments;
  • Friday 18th May 2018               (First appointment start 9.30am - last start 4pm)

If you are interested, in any of these dates, please either phone my booking service on 1300 5067 68  
and ask them to pass on a message or email me for more information.

The location in Northam is Bridgeley Community Centre91/93 Wellington Street  (just down the road from the new Aldi store.).
The Medicare provider number for that location is 4498223J

With services available under Medicare I expect there will be a high demand for this type of service. Particularly considering the ability to;

  • Have consultations without needing to allow travel time to and from the consultation;
  • See a bloke with both tertiary qualifications as a registered psychologist, life experience and Blue and white-collar workplace experience;
  • Have a consultation when their children are either at school, day care or gone to bed;
  • Be unlikely to “bump into” the Psychologist in town or in other local settings;
  • See a Psychologist without anyone (other than your GP) knowing about it.