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Anxiety can impact any of us at some time or another, e.g. going to a job interview or exam, or meeting someone for the first time, apart from any other situations.

This TV add from Beyond Blue is to me, a good description of Anxiety with this clip a good example of a guy talking about his experience with anxiety.

If however your anxiety is impacting on your life, or restricting what you do, it might be time to speak with your GP about getting a Mental Health Care Plan, so you can get Medicare subsidised sessions with a Psychologist to look at this and what can be done. 

While we probably won't get results "overnight", it is reasonable to expect that after a few sessions of looking at what is "behind" the anxiety and what can be done to reduce it, changes in anxiety levels will probably reduce, or at least be more "manageable".  

For those wanting to do some reading on the subject, I read this book ANXIETY (by a Psychiatrist, Dr Mark Cross who has his own longstanding experience with it) over the course of a long weekend (it's also in dozens of libraries) and recommended it on the Huntingdale Psychology, Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy facebook page. 

Medicare pays subsidies for Psychologist services, because "talking therapy" works.

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