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Assistance with Alcohol or Other Drugs (AOD)

Whether it is difficulties with Alcohol, Marijuana or other illicit drugs, I may be able to assist.

Usually this can involve looking at the reasons behind the use of whatever drug or drugs you are using, whether legal (like Alcohol) or illegal like Marijuana, "Ice", "party drugs" or other types of illicit drugs.

While there is no "Magic Wand" to deal with whatever drug is creating problems for you, we can certainly look at what is "behind" the drug use, to seek to overcome or reduce it's impact and what you can do now.

Whether it is looking at whether you are trying to deal with hurts or negative events from the past, or you are an "Adrenaline Junkie" , (i.e. you like the feeling of being "high",) or drug use is used as a way to "escape" a particularly negative situation, we can look at the options available to you and what can be done to change your situation.

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to make a booking to try to deal with what's going on.