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Books & DVD's of interest

Anger Related

Taking Charge of Anger - 6 Steps to Asserting yourself without losing control -  W. Robert Nay

Anxiety Related

Anxiety : expert advice from a neurotic shrink who's lived with it all his life  - Dr Mark Cross



Couple Related


Making Couples Happy - John Aiken & Alison Leigh  (book) also available to borrow as a DVD from various public libraries.  


The seven principles for making marriage work - John M. Gottman and Nan Silver


Why marriages succeed or fail : and how you can make yours last - John Gottman with Nan Silver


Depression related


I Had a Dog: His Name was Depression - Matthew Johnstone 



Living with a black dog : how to take care of someone with depression while looking after yourself - Matthew and Ainsley Johnstone



Journeys With The Black Dog: Inspirational stories of bringing depression to heel - Tessa Wigney, Kerrie Eyers & Gordon Parker (Eds.)


The New Manhood: The handbook for a new kind of man - Steve Biddulph


Fat, Fired and Forty - Nigel Marsh


Understanding the Mid-life Crisis - Peter O'Connor


Parenting and related

Being dad : for dads-to-be and the women who love them - Sam Holt & Troy Jones

(Also available as a DVD)


Be a Parent not a Pal  - Jeff Kemp


Have a New Kid by Friday: How to Change your Child's Attitude Behavior & Character in 5 Days - Kevin Leman


Fathering from the fast lane: Practical ideas for busy dads - Bruce Robinson



LGBTI Related

Bulletproof faith: a spiritual survival guide for gay and lesbian Christians - Candace Chellew-Hodge


Now that you know : A parents' guide to understanding their gay and lesbian children - Betty Fairchild and Nancy Hayward


A Private Life: Fragments, Memories, Friends - Michael Kirby


A Gay Man's Guide to Prostate Cancer - Gerald Perlman & Jack Drescher


Positive Psychology related


Being Happy - Andrew Matthews


Follow Your Heart - Andrew Matthews


Making Friends - Andrew Matthews


Happiness Now - Andrew Matthews


100 Ways to Happiness - Timothy Sharp


The Happiness Handbook - Timothy Sharp


Retirement related

Revitalizing Retirement: Reshaping Your Identity, Relationships, and Purpose - Nancy K. Schlossberg


Retire smart, retire happy : finding your true path in life - Nancy K. Schlossberg.


What color is your parachute? for retirement : planning a prosperous, healthy, and happy future  - John E. Nelson and Richard N. Bolles.


Other titles potentially of interest


Enough about you, let's talk about me : how to recognize and manage the narcissists in your life - Les Carter


Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More Than IQ - Daniel Goleman


Hamlet's Blackberry: A Practical Philosophy for building a Good Life in the Digital Age - William Powers


Difficult personalities : a practical guide to managing the hurtful behaviour of others (and maybe your own) -  Helen McGrath & Hazel Edwards


Hope - Tim Costello


Six Action Shoes - Edward De Bono


The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilised Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't - Robert Sutton

The Asshole Survival Guide: how to deal with people who treat you like dirt - Robert I. Sutton


High Sobriety: My Year Without Booze - Jill Stark


The Big Little Book of Resilience - Matthew Johnstone


 Learned Optimism - Martin Seligman




Most of these books are available via the WA Public Library system - see this link to the State library catalogue for more information.


Alternatively, if you want to purchase them yourself online options include: is an Australian website which says:

" is a leading marketplace offering a diverse range of products and services in the Australian market."

Customers both locally & globally enjoy the convenience and benefits of buying in Australia. 


The Addall website offers a mail order price comparison and online ordering via many international booksellers.

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