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Now back to both In-Person & Telehealth consultations

If you are having troubles with extended periods of feeling downhearted and blue, it might be time to see your General Practitioner about getting a GP Mental Health Care Plan.

Matthew Johnstone has written books on the subject, (I had a Black dog his name is Depression - It's in dozens of libraries) with one being animated and put onto Youtube by the World Health Organisation. (You can also buy his books from his website.)  

Talking with someone who is "a few steps removed" can be useful as a way of looking at what can potentially be done, to reduce the degree of depression. 

Medicare pays subsidies for Psychologist services, because "talking therapy" works.

Bookings can also be made 24/7 via as well as showing on my "Huntingdale"and "Perth (East)" web-pages what is available till about an hour beforehand.

Or you can phone my booking service on 1300 50 67 68 (open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm).