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Dealing with Grief, Loss & Change

Although death (like taxes, and change) is one of the inevitable parts of life, how and when it impacts the individual or family can be quite different, depending on circumstances.

Death can come with or without warning, e.g.;

  • It could follow on from an ongoing illness;
  • Alternatively death may follow an accident (i.e. is unexpected) or some sudden or unexpected health event, e.g. a Heart attack or Stroke;

It is not always a death that can "knock the wind out of your sails" so to speak.

It can be other changes that are not expected.

Whether it is;

  • The loss of your job (e.g. in recent times as a result, directly or indirectly of COVID-19);
  • Without any (obvious to you) warning, your spouse leaves you;
  • Some sort of natural disaster, e.g. a fire or flood;
  • Your pet cat or dog (your constant companion) is no longer available to keep you company;
  • There are other significant or unexpected changes in your circumstances.

As a result you may not be "your usual self", you might go into "hibernation" (and not because of COVID-19,) or you may "wallow" in your own self-pity and have difficulty accepting the changes that come about as a result of these circumstances.

Admittedly, sometimes the support and assistance of family and friends may for a period of time, be what you need. However, after a while, it may be that you need to speak with someone who is "a few steps removed".

If or when you feel the need to speak with a professional, i.e .someone "a few steps removed", it may be that it is time to phone my booking service on 1300 50 67 68, or book via (which is available 24/7).

For assistance in relation to a death by suicide you might be interested in contacting the specialist organisation ARBOR