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Colin Longworth - Psychologist & Counsellor

 Available in Huntingdale-Thornlie, Perth (East) & Cyberspace - Helping you find your own solutions

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently only providing services via TELEHEALTH

Northam (outreach and Telehealth) services.

At various times (for a few months at a time) I have offered Psychology services in Northam at Bridgeley Community Centre 91-93 Wellington Street.

However, on each occasion there have not been enough bookings to make it a financially viable ongoing service. (at the time of the last attempt, Telehealth needed at least one in person consultation - it is no longer needed.)

Here is a link to the current Telehealth page.

With September 2018 changes to Medicare requirements there is no longer a need to have an "in-person" consultation (although I prefer to have at least one), all ten consultations can now be via Telehealth.

I would be prepared to again offer in-person consultations in Northam, but that would require enough regular referrals from G.P.'s to make it financially viable.