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Telehealth Medicare Services

Now people in the country can access Medicare Psychologist services under Telehealth Internet based services.

With recent (September 2018) changes there is no longer a need 

for an in-person initial consultation.

Due to these recent changes to Medicare, I can offer those outside the metropolitan area (including FIFO workers while on-site) Medicare Psychologist services via the internet, for those people with a referral from their GP.

You can get up to ten Medicare subsidised sessions in a calendar year. 

PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE NOT FREE - But depending on your circumstances I may be able to offer a reduced rate.

Medicare says you must be in what is called  "Monash Modified Model (MMM) areas 4-7".

See this link to confirm you are eligible. (Use the "Search The Map" option and select the "Monash Modified Model" option, within that.)

(Broadly speaking this is people outside metropolitan areas - and could include FIFO workers while on site.)

You could also arrange (as part of the 10 sessions) to have an "in person" consultation (e.g. when in Perth for other reasons, or at home from a FIFO site).

An information sheet can be found via the button at the bottom of the page below.

Contact my booking service on 1300 50 67 68 or email me at [email protected] to make a booking. 

Further information can also be found via the link below.

If you are interested, in making use of this service, please call my booking service on  

1300 5067 68  
and ask them to pass on a message or email me for more information.

With services available under Medicare I expect there will be a high demand for this type of service. Particularly considering the ability to;

  • Have internet consultations without needing to allow travel time to and from the consultation;
  • See a bloke who is a registered psychologist, has life experience and worked in Blue and white-collar workplace settings;
  • Have a consultation when their children are either at school, day care or gone to bed;
  • Be unlikely to “bump into” the Psychologist in town or in other local settings;
  • See a Psychologist without anyone (other than your GP) knowing about it.