Colin Longworth - Psychologist & Counsellor


 Available in Huntingdale-Thornlie, Perth (East) & Cyberspace - Helping you find your own solutions
PLEASE NOTE:  Back to offering in-person (with appropriate Social distancing) & Telehealth consultations

Cyberspace - E-Therapy & Online/Skype  Counselling 

I recognise that for some people getting to an "in-person" appointment with a Psychologist or Counsellor can mean a lot of hassles or there can be other reasons that can make it difficult like:

  • Getting time off work and explaining why you want the time off;
  • Travel times - particularly for those in the country;
  • Being just too far away to get to see a counsellor or Psychologist;
  • Working odd or irregular hours;
  • Being a Fly in Fly Out (FIFO) or Drive in Drive Out (DIDO) Worker;
  • Trouble getting a babysitter to look after the children;
  • Not practical to travel (too far) while children are at school;
  • Just feel nervous walking into a counsellors or Psychologist's office, or;
  • Any number of other reasons.
As a result I also offer my Psychologist and Counselling services over the internet.
I use Skype as a way to have either visual or just vocal (phone) contact with clients.
While I recognise that Internet Counselling, E-Therapy or counselling via Skype (whichever title you like) is not suitable for all issues, for some people it may be a useful option. The basic requirements are Internet access and privacy. 
There are various ways this could work depending on your circumstances, like;

  • Internet E-Therapy/Skype only;
  • Alternating between face to face and Internet sessions;
  • First one or two sessions face to face then Internet/E-Therapy;

Please note: This type of session is not covered by Medicare.

Are the same as for my "in person" clients, I simply use the appointment booking for an internet session, regardless of which physical location I am at.  

I charge the same fee for face to face as Internet sessions. 

These fees can be paid by me taking credit card details over the phone, or we can look at other alternative ways of making payment.
If you are interested, please contact me so I can send you the documentation and we can get started.