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Workplace issues - Blue and White collar.

Workplaces - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Over my working life I've experience in a range of different types of workplaces, from my early days in clothing factories (cutting out shirts and pyjamas), office jobs in the Federal and State public service, as well as in not for profit and community based organisations, including work in a Prison Farm and separate Domestic Violence group settings.

That is separate from the more "fill-in" or casual jobs, like helping out with a stock-take, or counting cars and trucks going past an intersection!

Over the years, I've also had clients coming to see me who have worked in a range of settings, from (like me) some fairly menial jobs, and or labour intensive roles (e.g. "Tradies" - you can see my article about working with them here) through to people in fairly senior technical or professional roles.

The sorts of issues clients may come to discuss with me can include;

  • Dealing with work-life balance (e.g. work and parenting/carer roles);
  • Difficult working relationships with co-workers or bosses;
  • Expected or unexpected unemployment, or underemployment;
  • Dealing with "ism's" (sexism, racism, heterosexism and or ageism).

Depending on the circumstances I may refer clients to books like;

I may also refer clients to websites like:

If you feel you'd like to talk with someone who is; Independent (of your life, family and work); who has worked himself in a range of workplaces; Has training and experience in Psychology and counselling; Decades of life experience; Offers weekday, evening and Saturday morning, or Telehealth appointments - please either book via HealthEngine or by phone my booking service (available Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm) on

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